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How live videos can boost your account and your brand

What is INSTAGRAM LIVE about?

Live video is a feature on Instagram that was launched in 2016 (feature within Instagram Stories).It allows you to start a live video for connecting with your followers in real time.

How to start a LIVE VIDEO?

Just start Instagram, then swipe right or tap on YOUR STORY. Then tap LIVE at the bottom of your screen.

What should you use INSTAGRAM LIVE?

To put it in a nutshell: it brings more engagement to your account and for a company more attention to its brand and products.

When you start a live video, you get instantly boosted by Instagram: your account will appear first in the Instagram stories tray. Also, all your followers will get a notification that you are now live.
This will prompt your followers to click now on your video, because a live video is not saved on your account. So your followers have to decide if they want to watch it now or never.

What is essential when using INSTAGRAM LIVE?
Of course, live videos will only work if you have something interesting to show or to tell to your audience. Think of brands like Apple using live video showing the release of their newest mobile phones. Or think of a famous band like Coldplay sending live video backstage. Or a Hollywood star such as Johnny Depp on his way to a special event as the Academy Awards. The same applies to users who are using live stream video to show their audience a great famous spot or a special scene, e.g. the start on board of a hot-air balloon or a drone video about New York City.

Another advantage of live videos

The length of videos is restricted on Instagram. If you post a video as a story, the maximum length is 15 seconds. In your gallery, videos can be up to 60 seconds, while live videos can have a length of 60 minutes.

So if you have interesting content for a live video, this will bring a lot of followers to your account. That way your account and your brand will become a bit more popular. During and after a live video, many followers will click on your profile, and they will usually give likes to your pictures. This increases the chances that your next uploads will be shown in their newsfeed.



- Live video is a good feature for posting longer videos on Instagram.
- It helps to increase the engagement and popularity of your account and your brand.