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The growing importance of


Since years, magazines are facing a drop in newsstand sales worldwide. Of course, advertisers are aware of this trend and are trying to reach out to their target group via other channels. One way is a bigger investment in 'influencer marketing‘.

Different types of 'social media influencers'

Most people define 'influencers' as popular content creators on channels like YouTube, TikTok (formerly:, and Instagram . These 'type' of influencers usually have a huge fan base and high engagement rates (likes, comments and views). But there are also celebrities as the self-made billionaires Richard Branson or Bill Gates, who are posting articles e.g. on LinkedIn and reach out to millions of people.

Another very important group of influencers are journalists, of course. 


Why is it for brands so attractive to invest in influencer marketing?

Because influencers are usually people who are very active online and their audience trusts them. A study showed that 92% of all consumers trust recommendations from others, even if they are only acquaintances or they don't know them personally, over brand content.

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Promoting services and products via influencers is therefore a very efficient approach for companies and is usually increasing revenues and popularity.

Great success with Influencer Marketing: one famous example

The Swedish watch brand Daniel Wellington was established only in 2011. But it was among the fastest growing companies in Europe in the last few years. How? The brand did not use traditional 'marketing ways', instead they focused solely on one social media campaigns - with great success: by collaborating with hundreds of influencers on Instagram they became very popular.

Result of a survey about influencer marketing

The San Francisco-based marketing company LINQIA has asked 181 marketers about their opinion on influencer marketing. 92% of those who are using influencer marketing have stated they find it an effective way.

Instagram is likely the most interesting channel for companies, as many people are using it on their mobile, even when they are not at home. Video channels such as YouTube are still important for advertisers, of course, but smaller ones can not afford the budget for creating a professional video. But paying an influencer on Instagram to create one single picture with their product is often within their budget.

Most companies have reported that influencer marketing campaigns have been successful: more traffic, more registrations, more sales and more profit. That is why many companies, even global players, have just announced to increase their influencer marketing budgets (according to LINQIA’s study, 39% of all marketers planned a higher budget).


As the effectiveness of social media campaigns is found to be effective for most companies, the investments in influencer marketing will increase in the years, too. Brands without an influencer marketing strategy, may risk losing market share to competitors or emerging companies.

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