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Perform much better on Instagram and

get regional followers & new customers

Instagram offers very good possibilities for small and big companies to gain more clients.

Influencers are getting attention from big brands, while businesses are gaining new clients via Instagram. But many bloggers and companies have recognized that it is not easy to gain followers.

Our account managers and our inhouse software can undertake several tasks for you, such as managing your content, finding out the best time for uploads, tailor your account to the interests of your target group...

Also, if you want to attract local followers, we find them via hashtag or geolocation targeting and attract them to your account.

Focus on your core business and book a social media manager for your Instagram account. This will lead to:

higher reach on Instagram

more followers

higher brand awareness

more clients



Fitness Coach

"A friend of mine recommended MEDIAGROW. In 2 months with you I have gained more followers on Instagram and many new clients than in 2 years without you. You guys are fantastic! Thank you for your great work."



"I had totally neglected the potential to get customers via social media. After hearing of your services and your 14-day-money-back-guarantee, I just thought, 'Why not try it, I have nothing to lose.' And it was definitely one of the best business decisions in the last few years. Due to the growth on Instagram, I am getting more traffic to my website and also more customers."



"As a model, Instagram is a good channel to get found by companies and agencies. Some companies are making their decision between two models on their social media appearance (among other factors). Thanks to your tools and the stunning growth, I am getting more attention and more bookings!"


Agency Owner

"Social Media is very important for us, as the target group of our clients are especially people below 35 years. MEDIAGROW has helped us grow our Instagram account as well to get in touch with bloggers. We are especially happy with the 'Fraud Check' of MEDIAGROW, which has helped us find influencers with real followers."


Director and founder of a fashion label

"If only your service would have been around when I started my label. Thanks to MEDIAGROW we began selling our fashion at an accelerating rate, your service is just amazing!"


Fashion blogger

"Fortunately, l can say now I make a living out of my Instagram account. Without MEDIAGROW, it would not have been possible to attract so many loyal followers and brands."


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