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We protect companies from booking campaigns with

fake influencers on Instagram.

More and more businesses notice that some campaigns with influencers are not as effective as expected, they gain hardly new customers.

Reason for that may be that they booked unknowingly a "fake influencer".

Fake Influencer are users who are pretending to have a reach and popularity that they actually do not have. Some are buying followers and likes. Others are participating in so-called "engagement groups" or "Instagram pods". These are groups within Instagram or Facebook, WhatsApp or Telegram and the members commit to make comments on each others posts or to give likes to each other posts. 

Studies show:

Campaigns with (real) influencers are effective and contributing to a higher brand awareness as well as higher sales figures (find out more here).

Hence, for companies it is of increasing importance being capable of distinguishing between reliable brand ambassadors (with real followers) and fake influencers.


We can help you:

identify fake influencers to avoid unprofitable Instagram campaigns

evaluate the quality of followers of specific influencers and 

find reliable brand ambassadors for your products.

monitor campaigns that you have already booked

Under certain conditions we can also review campaigns retroactively. If there is proof of manipulation, you may also take legal action against respective influencers. Some of our clients were successful in reclaiming the money from fake influencers and therefore, they could reinvest it in real, profitable campaigns.

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