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Why you should stay away from buying followers (Part I)

Many people want to have more followers on Instagram. Some users are not satisfied with their growth and some might have already tried every growth hack. When active on Instagram, you will hear every now and then that there are so-called „agencies“ that sell you „followers“ for a small fee.

If you are thinking about buying Instagram followers, you should know what happens on accounts which bought ‚fake followers‘. If you have found a service that is really providing followers and you have paid for it, the first thing that you will notice on your account is, of course, an increase of followers:

But this increase won‘t last long. Because if you observe your account in the next few days and weeks, you will see this:

So right after the increase, there will be a loss of followers. Why?


Because there are a lot of fake accounts on Instagram, Instagram is very keen to find and delete these accounts. The algorithm on Instagram seems to be very good at detecting unusual peaks that are not driven by the platform itself. Yes, Instagram knows from where the followers (and also the likes) are coming from, e.g. if a new follower finds your account after searching for a specific hashtag or a username. And they can scan each of your new followers, e.g. if these accounts are all „empty accounts“, e.g. zero posts, no followers, 5,000 followings. These accounts are apparently fake ones like this one:

The sellers of ‚fake followers‘ are usually sending you a lot of followers within a short time, sometimes within 10 minutes. In other cases, if you have ordered several thousand followers in can take days. Such peaks are very obvious, of course, and it is easy for Instagram to detect them. This applies also to so-called ‚free followers‘.


Therefore the only reason to buy fake follower might be to impress someone else, but both – buying fake followers as well impressing someone else - has normally only short-term effects. We highly recommend therefore to stay away from buying fake followers as this is only a waste of money.


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