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Don't buy LIKES for

your Instagram account

Almost every user on Instagram is happy to get many likes. Some influencers (as well as some people who want to become an influencer) will hear sooner or later that there are ways to raise the number of likes. For example, there are websites where you can buy likes for a low fare. Other options are so-called engagement groups where people exchange likes and comments.

We have seen that buying followers will harm your account (read more here). Buying likes is also harmful, because, of course, Instagram is aware of such „ways“ to manipulate your data. Almost any manipulation as the buying of likes is detected.


How "fake likes" harm your account

When someone has bought likes, these likes are usually not coming from real people, but from low-quality accounts. For example, these accounts have hardly posted pictures and hardly followers, and additionaly, these accounts are following a lot of other accounts.

There is strong evidence that when many likes are coming from “poor accounts” within a short period of time, that Instagram is punishing your account: your reach will be lowered.

The mechanism behind

So as an example: if an user X gets a lot of likes from low-quality accounts, less and less real followers will see the next posts of the user X. That is why X is getting less and less likes from “trusted” accounts. As X gets less likes, his account will be shown to fewer non-followers, which means he will gain hardly or no new followers.


For business owners this means: if you buy likes, your uploads will be shown to less of your real followers. Therefore, you will likely face a decrease in sales from your Instagram account.


So buying fake likes is not advisable. If an advertiser has bought likes, he will likely face a decreasing advertising effect and even high-quality pictures won’t increase followers or revenues.