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Why buying followers will harm your Instagram account (Part II)

Buying fake followers has definitely one very obvious disadvantage (as we have discussed in Part I here). But there is also another, less obvious downside that might be very harmful to your long-term goals.

Many people and businesses are very active on Instagram and they are planning to use their account in the long run – either for sharing their pictures or for attracting new customers.

This happens when you buy fake followers on Instagram

If you want your account to last long term, there is hardly anything else more harmful than having many fake followers (or getting ‚free followers‘). After buying fake followers you will face also a lowered reach, meaning on all your next posts, you will observe that you get less and less likes. E.g. if you got 500 likes in the past and then you buy fake followers, you may recognize on your next posts only 300 likes. 

The reason for this is that Instagram seems to show your uploads only to a part of your followers. But if a huge part of your followers are “fake ones”, the algorithm may select some of these fake followers to show them your picture (no matter wheter there is really a login to these accounts or not).

Fake followers are usually not interacting with your account, these accounts have often not even any posts or any followers.

No real people

Therefore, buying followers and then trying to promote a product on Instagram is as effective as booking people for distributing leaflets in a wax museum. Of course, no entrepreneur would spend money for such a campaign in a wax museum, because it is totally clear that this won't increase sales. The same applies to fake followers: they will neither interact with your account nor buy any of your products.

Less new followers

There is another disadvantage: as you are getting less and less likes from your (real) audience, Instagram will show your content to less people who are not following you your account yet. Thus, you will gain hardly or no new followers, so to put it in a nutshell: you will have problems to grow organically.

Some of our clients told us that they bought fake followers or got so-called ‚free followers‘ in the past and that they can confirm this had no positive effect on their business. After analyzing their followers with our tools, we were able to do a ‚cleaning‘ (i.e. we blocked the fake followers). The result was an increase of likes on all subsequent posts. Therefore, it is possible to get rid of fake followers, but obviously most users do not have the possibility to withdraw the buying of fake followers, so this is usually an irreversible action.


Hence, we highly recommend not to buy ‚fake followers‘ or to order ‚free followers‘, because this will lower your reach and destroy your organic growth. 

Because most buyers of fake followers do not know the cause, some are starting to buy also likes. Others may start to use so-called „engagement groups“ , hoping to increase their reach on Instagram. But this does not work. Instead, this will harm their account even more (find out why here).